Natural Ink Clothing was initially founded as a T-Shirt line in 2005, and officially launched on March 3rd, 2006 with the support of my immediate family and intimate friends – an artistic expression grounded in the spiritual and natural light of Love, wisdom, and our evolutionary existence. 

The drive to design clothing impressed with conscious messages stems from a deep-rooted passion for spirituality, and a genuine love for humanity. As such, Natural Ink Clothing was conceived to honor our spiritual and human existence, as a medium of empowerment, and a response to the inimical images and messages that pervade our daily lives.

Natural Ink Clothing, therefore, seeks to stimulate spiritual and cultural consciousness, and enhance our human experience through igniting and inspiring growth and harmony on planet Earth. Wearing Natty Ink Clothing is, contextually, more than a fashion statement – it is a commitment to ourselves - a sacred expression birthed in Love, inspired by Light, designed for Life.

Love & Light,
Liseli Fitzpatrick,